Black Shark is all set to launch the Black Shark 4 series smartphones in the Chinese market on March 24th, going against the belief of various Chinese brands to not launch a device with the ‘4’ number as it is ominous in the Chinese culture.

The Black Shark 4 Pro gaming smartphone has now been examined by the peoples at DxOMark for the audio experience and the device has succeeded to score an impressive 81 points.

It obtained 83 points in playback and 71 points for recording. DxOMark insists that its crew conducted a variety of objective tests with more than 20 hours of perceptual evaluation under controlled lab circumstances.

Via: DxOMark

The smartphone equipped with a fully symmetrical dual speaker design at the top and the bottom for stereo playback, and special tuning for music, movies, or games. Similar to its predecessors, the device also has a 3.5mm audio jack.

The playback results for the Black Shark 4 Pro are constant across all use cases, from listening to music to viewing movies and playing games. The smartphone delivers one of the most harmonious frequency responses, states DxOMark.

It can produce an impressive low-end extension, impactful and energetic dynamics, an exceptionally wide sound stage, accurate localizability, genuine distance rendering, consistent volume levels, and comprehensible content even at soft volumes. The notable weakness includes a small hiss on specific electronic signals and some distortion at loud volumes.

As for the recording, the phone was pretty good and consonant across all use cases. Microphones produce good low-mids and bass, natural and vivid midrange, accurate treble, good high-end extension, great wideness, precise localizability, and accurate distance rendering.

But the smartphone falls behind when it comes to recording in noisy environments because of spectral and temporal artifacts. Dynamics are weakened by high background noise, and selfie videos show a very narrow sound field.

Overall, the Black Shark 4 Pro has the best audio performance of all the devices tested by DxOMark. The phone is excellent in terms of playback, exceeding other top-scoring phones, thanks to highly consistent and impressive performance across all use cases.


Earlier this January, Black Shark officially confirmed that the Black Shark 4 duo will support 120W fast wired charging together with a 4500mAh battery that fully charges in under 15 minutes. The leaker says these features are going to be standard across both devices. So if you're getting the less-powerful version, you'll also get 120W fast charging and a 4500mAh battery.

Another info revealed by the leaker is that the screen size and resolution of the pro model.  Black Shark 3 Pro from last year was one of the phones with the largest displays with a huge 7-inch screen 90Hz AMOLED panel with a 1440p resolution. This year, Black Shark has decreased not only the screen size but also the resolution. The Black Shark 4 pro will have a 6.67-inch AMOLED screen with a 1080p resolution. We don’t know the screen size and determination of the standard model but the resolution will most definitely be 1080p too.

When it comes to photography, the Black Shark 4 Pro will utilize a triple camera setup. A reliable leak star from China alleged today that this model features a 108MP Samsung ISOCELL HM2  sensor as the primary camera. The Black Shark 4 may have a triple camera system led by a 48-MP or a 64-MP main camera. The Black Shark 4 duo will run on Android 11 OS.

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