According to official announcements, Xiaomi will hold a spring conference on March 29th. The brand formally confirmed yesterday that the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro & Mi 11 Ultra will reveal at the conference. These smartphones will complete the Mi 11 series that has been pretty small with just the Mi 11 so far. There is even a new Mi 11 Lite model arriving at that event. Rumors & reports have been growing about the arrival of the Mi MIX lineup at the conference, and now, the brand ultimately broke their silence. The iconic MIX lineup is making its comeback on March 29th along with Mi 11 Pro & Ultra. Not just a bezel-less smartphone this time, we anticipate the new device to come as a foldable phone.

The teaser poster was completed by the following text: "I'm coming back, 'XIAOMI MI MIX'. After two years has returned strongly! With endless technical strength, we can live up to the expectations of hundreds of millions of users. At 19:30 on March 29th, we will have a chat about MI MIX."

There is a particular part of the writing that makes us conclude that the new smartphone is, in fact, Xiaomi’s new foldable phone. The brand says “we will have a chat”. Possibly, Xiaomi will give us a sneak peek at what’s to come from itself with its Mi Mix series. Freshly leaks & reports have been implying that the MIX is Xiaomi’s long-rumored folding smartphone.

Recently a report gave it the name “Mi Mix 4 Pro Max”. It makes an excellent reason for Xiaomi to bring back its MIX lineup in the form of a foldable phone. After all, the Mi MIX lineup never was about bezel-less smartphones, but about innovative design and concepts.


The original Mix was released in 2016. It pushed the trend for bezel-less displays forward. Nowadays, we don’t even recognize it as a bezel-less smartphone anymore, but it began a trend moving the front camera to the bottom chin in order to form an illusion of a bezel-less display. The handset also was the first smartphone to break away from the norm at the time 16:9 aspect ratio. The phone was equipped with a 6.4-inch 17:9 IPS LCD display with minimum bezels. It started the trend for phones with tall and minimal displays.


The Mi Mix 2 was an incremental upgrade over it's predecessor with a similar design. The last device from the lineup, the Mi MIX 3 came up with a very innovative manual sliding design. With more brands demonstrating their abilities to create “bezel-free” smartphones Xiaomi had to implement new technology to assure that the Mi MIX 3 would withstand as bezel-less smartphones against its competitor. At that time, users weren’t so pleased with the notches and Xiaomi chose to innovate with a manual sliding design. The Mi MIX 3 also got a 5G variant in 2019, and then, Xiaomi chose to put the lineup on a hiatus.

Now, the MIX lineup is finally coming back with style. What are you guys think about the MI MIX series's return? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

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