Today Xiaomi has officially announced that the brand has a new chip of its own design ready. This has delighted fans anticipating the announcement of the successor to the Surge S1 chipset that introduced in 2017.

However, it should be noted that this time we are not talking about an SoC or chipset. Reports point out that this is an ISP (Image Signal Processor). Modern SoC (System On a Chip)s include CPUs, GPUs, ISPs, NPUs, and other units that are assigned to specific tasks.

According to earlier rumors, the Xiaomi ISP will be an independent processor that will be effective for processing data from the camera sensor. It can process data about color, lighting, and other data gathered by the image sensor and produce the highest quality image in the end.

Influenced by this announcement, coupled with reports that Xiaomi and the Great Wall are in the talk about manufacturing cars, the 'Hong Kong Stock Exchange' shares of the Xiaomi Corporation are up by nearly 8%.

The formal announcement of the Xiaomi image processor will take place on March 29.


It is worth discussing that Xiaomi has registered new trademarks by the local patent office – Xiaomi Auto & Xiaomi Automobile. And though registration of this trademark in itself does not mean anything, the publication of this data on the wave of rumors & reports about Xiaomi working on its own electric vehicles makes one think that the brand has taken seriously a new direction for itself.

Recall that precisely a week ago, local media stated that work on the Xiaomi electric car would begin within 1-2 months (most likely in April), and Xiaomi's co-founder & vice president Wang Chuan, who was at the heart of Xiaomi TV, was appointed responsible for the project. – the most profitable business after the smartphone segment. Wang Chuan is already allegedly hiring from China’s auto industry.

And now there are new reports. Xiaomi is in talks with Great Wall Motors to manufacture its first electric vehicle; according to a Reuters report quoted by a Chinese source. Furthermore, these negotiations are either in the final phase or have already been concluded; since the declaration of the partnership will take place next week. It is probable that Xiaomi will do this at the big announcement event on March 29th.

Xiaomi’s electric car or electric vehicles are anticipated to target the mainstream – much like smartphones. This means that they will be more affordable than Tesla's Model 3 and the promising Model 2. That is, the price will be about 20,000 USD. Great Wall actively advises Xiaomi on multiple car development problems, which it has never done for anyone else.

Recall that some fresh reports show that Huawei is also working on its own electric cars, and it may cost approximately 45,000 USD.

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