Genshin Impact is a free-to-play open-world RPG game. It was launch on last October. Back then I was occupied by another fantastic game (CODM ahem..)

So I wasn't that interested in this one. But after it's tremendous debut.. & after I got bored playing PUBG & CODM, I thought I would give it a try... So after two months of playing & over 40 hours of playtime, here's my review & take of Genshin Impact.

Note: This is a review of the mobile version of Genshin Impact..So I'll be focusing on mobile aspect of this game.

Game design & Visual 

I've played over 1000+ mobile games. From N.O.V.A. 3 to OG Angry Birds..But I've never seen this beautiful mobile game in my whole life.. Beautiful looking character, amazing world design & it's colorful presentation is never seen in mobile gaming space.. Just look for yourself.

It has an amazing greenery environment, vast open-world to explore. Best-looking graphics on a smartphone yet. 


Traveler on Monstad

 It's single player story is out of the world of mobile space (literally 🤣 from PC, console).. It's story is about a twin brother-sister, they were separated by a goddess. & depending on your character gender, your brother/sister will get abducted by the goddess and you will be sent into a new world.
It has a rich, emotional storyline.. & a big twist in the later end of the story.. I'm not gonna .. you know 🙃
For more on the plot, you can follow Genshin Impact's Youtube channel.


It's gameplay is very intuitive for touch control, but I wish they would give us an option to customize the control.. you can also play with your friend in "CO-OP" mode. But you can't voice chat with your teammates, which is a bummer. But at least you chat 🙄. so that's that.


 This game is the "Crysis " of mobile game. Genshin Impact is the most graphics-intensive mobile game date.
In my year & half old, Snapdragon 855 equipped Redmi K20 Pro, I was able to play this game at 60 fps with low settings 😑..
Even with low settings game was dropping frame like there's no tomorrow & my CPU & GPU uses was in upper 90% 🥴

'Dear SnapDragon 855 , you meet your match' 🤣
So if you have Snapdragon 600 series or lower tier Snapdragon, forget about playing this game .. SD 700 series users can play it at 30fps & low settings..
But if you truly want to enjoy this game with all it's awesome graphics & glory, i suggest Snapdragon 865/865+ or newer 870 & 888 chip equipped smartphone.
& Don't bother with iPhones.. the newer iPhone (iPhone 12 series) can't even handle this game at 30fps with high older iPhones have no chance of playing it without dropping frame.


Entertainment is a  hollow bamboo without proper music.. In this regard, Genshin Impact nailed it.. It has one of the If not the best music in a mobile game... Just listen to this intro music & visual. Isn't it like a lullaby !?


This game is the bleeding edge of technological advancement of what a tiny SOC in our smartphone can provide.. 
If you want to lose in a beautiful & detailed world, wanna enjoy a great story about twin siblings..then this game is for you.


Stroy - 8/10
  Gameplay - 7/10
     Control - 6/10
        World design - 9/10
           Graphics - 10/10
              Performance - 8/10
                 Music - 10/10

Overall - Solid 8.2/10

So what do you think about Genshin Impact? Is it hot or not? let us know in the comment section below.

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